Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Quick Summary of Sessions 1-2

Sorry this took so long. The move to California distracted me.

Setting: Bauchland Province, Empire of Rhur. Year 994 of the Red Age. Autumn.

Capture: Cultists near the town of Tellgart capture nearly a dozen travelers to be used in a demonic sacrifice in a mountain cave. They drag their offerings deep into a dark cavern and set up a pentagram. Among those captured are...

Sir Manfred Augustus Lautrec- A recently disenfranchised knight from the province of Westenland. In the past, his family had alienated themselves from the duke of Westenland by supporting the faraway emperor. In a lightning move, the duke robbed  the Lautrec family of their lands following the death of Manfred Augustus' father. The new Sir Lautrec left his home vowing to return and bring down the crooked Duke Von Kurtz. He wields a longsword that has been in his family for generations.

Paladin Marcus- Fresh off of his training from the paladin embassy in Klingsberg, Marcus has set out to bring light and protection into the world in the name of his patron gods, Illuminous and Indomitus. Though painfully average in nearly every way Marcus carries with him a determination to fight for what is right and just that goes beyond the will of normal men. He also has a large warhammer, nicknamed the "Hammer of Justice."

Clay- A hobbit born in the human town of Wellwald, Clay spent several years training with his local militia. His full martial potential was never unlocked, however, due to his increasing fascination with music and performing arts. Despite this, he is extremely muscular for a hobbit, and can hold his own in combat.

Zaros- A pilgrim from the Sylvani Empire, Zaros is an elven cleric of the death god Mortalus. He traveled to human lands to expand his faith in himself and others. He wields a large scythe, the symbol of his faith. At his side is his loyal dog Kato.

Edmond Randall- Grandson of a locksmith and brother of a slain soldier, 19 year old Edmond is now going out to find his place in the world. He carries few possessions, but wields a deadly longbow with surprising accuracy.

Albert (al-bear) Goddfrey- Kicked out of his home town of Layfell after a freak magical accident, Albert is a young wizard who stems from a magical family. He carries with him a heavily-decorated farmer's hoe and amazing luck. The rest of his stuff is carried by a mule named Pippin.

The cultists ritual is interrupted by a surprise kobold attack. While the battle rages, a large demon is summoned from the center of the pentagram. The party only sees flashes of him, but they recall a large humanoid body covered in coarse red fur, a viscous-looking battle ax, and a massive head shaped like that of a boar. The demon enters into the fray, and the cultists and kobolds flee. As the demon gives chase, the party breaks free of their bonds and work their way out of the cave. They find the young cultist leader at the mouth of the cave, mortally wounded. The demon has vanished. Marcus heals the cultist and carries him on his back all the way to the town of Tellgart, where he gives him over to local priests to be tended to.

The Goblin Debacle: While travelling to Tellgart, the party finds a group of town guardsmen sifting through the wreckage of a destroyed farmhouse. They are informed by a local knight, Sir Ultrec, that goblins are responsible. That night, the group attends a town meeting that is supposed to address "the goblin menace" head-on. They find the leader of Tellgard to be a bumbling noble by the name of Count Astor. He has neither the brains nor the gold to remedy the situation, so Edmond takes matters into his own hands. With a rousing speech, he encourages men to join him tomorrow to assault the goblin lair responsible for the assault. Afterwards, he learns that the knights that normally protect Tellgart are far out west fighting an orc horde in defense of the Empire. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to warn people about the evil demon loose in the countryside. His warnings are ignored by the count, and the rest of the villagers are too preoccupied with the goblin threat to listen.

A Game of Nobility: That night, Sir Lautrec gets inebriated with some rambunctious dwarves. He wakes up (fully clothed) in the bed of a young girl. She wakes up and screams. As he moves for the window, Count Astor (the father of the young girl) bursts into the room. Lautrec flees and hides in the local inn, paying off the innkeeper to ward away guards. A hasty plan to escape the inn with the dwarves is foiled by men dressed in black, who pay off the innkeeper, murder the dwarves, and knock Lautrec unconscious. He awakens at the table of a wealthy noble by the name of Sir Hubert Wolfgang. Wolfgang is the Guardian of Coin in Tellgart, but aspires to be count. He plots with Lautrec to kill the count and his two successors- his son Jason and Sir Ultrec, Guardian of Blade in Tellgart. Lautrec agrees to this plan on the condition that he receives sponsorship from Wolfgang.

Raid on the Goblin Lair: Edmond marshals a mob of over 20 townsfolk and peasants. Joining them is Sir Ultrec, who disagrees with the mission but tags along to defend his people from harm. Unbeknownst to the party, young Jason Astor has also taken up arms in defense of the town, and has joined the mob. The mob travels most of the day to reach the cave. As they are about to enter, Sir Lautrec arrives on a riding horse, pledging to help in the battle. He takes SIr Ultrec and Jason Astor under his command. The raid is a success: dozens of goblin warriors fall, nearly 30 young goblins are butchered in their nests, and the rest flee the cave. During the battle, Jason Astor falls to a goblin spear. Sir Ultrec, distracted by grief, is murdered by Sir Lautrec in the darkness. Gold is found among the goblins' possessions, as is a magical silver dagger and a powerful hook-claw weapon.

Triumphant Return: The mob returns to town with their dead. When they arrive, they learn that Count Astor went mad after his daughter was raped by dwarves. He killed her and himself. With his next two heirs dead, the mantle of count falls on Sir Wolfgang. Four days later, Wolfgang is sworn in by the Duke of Bauchland, and Sir Lautrec is in turn re-knighted as Guardian of the Roads of Tellgart by Count Wolfgang. Meanwhile, Marcus and Zaros help townsfolk. Marcus sends a report about the demon to his order, and requests an official investigation into the matter.

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